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4040 JD Roosa Master Pump

Does anyone know where I can find a tech manual for a Roosa Master diesel Pump?   The problem is the O rings around the throttle shaft are leaking and I wondered if I took the top of if there was something going to fly out at me?   

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Re: 4040 JD Roosa Master Pump

I'm not sure about your model, but old ford pickups with 6.9's and 7.3's had roosamasters on them. You could pop the top and give her a little more to drink with a 1/2" wrench. I have a 480 case with a very similar pump so assuming they are mostly pretty close in design. Just return fuel coming out of the top of it... No springs or loaded needles. Good luck.
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Re: 4040 JD Roosa Master Pump

Is this link to a 4040 manual helpful?


It appears very thourough but i'm not if its what you are searching for. Good luck. 

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