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6 Row JD 7200 Vac Planter

Has anyone tried, is, or has ran a late 4020 with a 6 Row JD 7200 Vac planter?   I was told that Deere offers a PTO kit to operate the markers, and the tractor will run the vac motor.  Please comment only if you have been involved with this setup.


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Re: 6 Row JD 7200 Vac Planter

We have converted an air planter (White) to PTO use for the air pump, and use the tractor hydraulics to run the lift & markers.  I have never seen it done the other way.

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Re: 6 Row JD 7200 Vac Planter

I run a 6 row 1750 vacuum on my 4240- 1 outlet for vacuum- the other for lift and markers.-no problems

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