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6140D or 7230 or comparable 7xxx series

I am looking for a "yard" tractor in this hp class for light loader work, run a 13x 90 auger, mowing around fields, filling pivot wheel tracks etc. The new 6140 D's are in a similar price class as say 2004-2006 7000 series with fairly low hours. I am upgrading from an early 4020 with a primitive cab. I would like a decent cab with a/c but nothing fancy, as we have owned our 4020 for nearly 30 years it feels like part of the family, and if the new(er) one is anything like it, this will be the last utility tractor we will buy. Anyone have a preference between these models.

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Re: 6140D or 7230 or comparable 7xxx series

 I have a 6140 and like it so far.  I use it for everything from planting with 11 row planter to a 20 foot field cultivator.

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