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7520 John Deere 4wd

I just ran across a 7520 JD 4wd tractor in the local classifieds. It has 2500 hrs on overhaul, PTO, thriple hydralics, looks to be in good shape and shedded. Our biggest tractor currently is a 4430 JD. We farm about 700 acres, all no-till so we dont need a large tractor on a regular basis, but we do run into trouble with our harvesting situation. We do alot of custom cutting and have a 34' semi trailer but we only have a 400 bushel grain cart because of the 4430, thought about a bigger grain cart and renting a tractor, but that adds up too. Thought about just buying this tractor to use as a grain cart tractor. If we ever did upgrade equipment it would have plenty of giddy up for what we would need to do. 


Any comments on the tractor?


Oh asking 9,800.

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