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7720 repairs

Just got a quote from the dealer to replace the beater on 7720. $2,500 for parts and labor. The beater has some holes along the leading edge that are about a half inch by three inches. They run right along the leading edge. He showed me one and said there was another one. Also said to replace the auger that runs under the combine over to the return elevator because it was worn. It looked like an auger to me but I know the flighting does get smaller. Parts and labor on that was $800.  How important is it to take care of this. The combine has 3600 hours on it. I'm assuming the beater is original but don't know if the auger would be.

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Re: 7720 repairs

  I try to keep up what needs replacing. If you don't then 1 day the whole thing will be junk.  It's easier spending a couple K a year and have things work right.

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