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7810 Lift goes up and down

I was planting yesterday, came out on the end, and the lift arms started going up and down.  They would let down an inch and then quickly go back up and the only way I could stop this was to let the planter down and then relift.  How do you fix this?

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Re: 7810 Lift goes up and down

lift sensitivity is set too high. the dial for the sensitivity should be on the right side of console. ours is under the arm rest. when it starts doing it again just turn the sensitivty down until it stops

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Re: 7810 Lift goes up and down

my 7810 has done same thing. Had to turn back the upper lift limit height adjustment knob under the flip up lid of the 3 pt. hitch control. Had to turn back quite aways to stop it. Would think something is not adjusted properly. Never had any problems with the case ih Magnum tractors doing this.

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