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8780 massey model 800 grain head feeding problem

We have never been happy with the feeding of beans into the combine with the model 800 head. The feeding was barely ok during purfect conditions.This year it was particularly bad. We sat in a freinds combine and it was like night and day in the feeding. The beans never bunch up before feeding into the machine.  We have tried everything we can think of in adjustments and have a new knife and guards but nothing has really helped much. This head has a bit of a hump that other heads do not. We wondered if massey heads all have this and if they also find this as a problem. If this can be fixed we are interested but if this is a unsolvable issue then we would be looking at a replacement head. Has anyone else delt with this successfully? Thanks for any input.

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Re: 8780 massey model 800 grain head feeding problem

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