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A college student looking for someone to Interview for a Project.

Hi I was wondering if I could have you can answers the few questions for me. I am a student at Montana State University and I have to conduct an interview if you can answer the following questions and email them I would be forever grateful. 
1.What is the history of your business?
2.What is the range of salaries at their company? 
3.How many hours per week do you spend at your job during each session: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter? 
4.What is the most time consuming task that you do?
5.What is the most valuable equipment, either in terms of usage or cost, that they use?  
6.What latest technology would they like to have for their company? 
7.Did you attend college/university?
8.If so, what college? What was the most valuable course(s) in college? If not, how did they obtain the knowledge they needed to run                 their business/job?
9.Do you belong to any professional societies? If so, which ones?
10.What service/community activities do they perform related to their business/career?
Thanks again and have a great day, 
Kalena Office
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