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AGCO to buy Deere?

According to a recent news story (click here), AGCO would be interested in buying parts of Deere, but all such talk is purely "theoretical," as has been the discussion of AGCO taking on CNH, says AGCO Chairman and Chief Executive Martin Richenhagen.


Richenhagen says that comments he made last week about wanting to buy portions of CNH Global were "strictly academic."  He said he's aware that Fiat sees CNH as "strategically important" and that the company has no plans to sell it, according to the story.


No major acquistion plans are in the works, Richenhagen said. But, AGCO will remain "small and opportunistic," he said.


So wonder what acquisitions might be in the works in the farm machinery industry--large or small--in 2011? Anyone want to get academic and theoretical?



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Re: AGCO to buy Deere?

Why do comments like this even get published.  

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