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AIr Conditioning Case IH Magnums

We have a case 240, 200, and 7220 magnum none of which have cold enough air conditionings on hot days 80 to 85 degrees or more.  We once had a 7140 that came out of Mississippi that could freeze you out of the cab and is the only magnum that really seemed to cool and had the tractor 7 years and never once touched the air conditioning system.   Is there something the guys do or get different on the tractors in the south that we could do in Ohio because I can't imagine sitting in the magnums we have in the south all day long.  Just wondering if were missing something.

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Re: AIr Conditioning Case IH Magnums

make sure the heater valve isnt on


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Re: AIr Conditioning Case IH Magnums

And also make sure the core in the top of the cab isn't plugged and the air is going through it not around it.

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Re: AIr Conditioning Case IH Magnums

Yup plugged rads stop cooling. Else get it recharged
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