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ATV Tires

Does anyone have any info on higher ply ATV/UTV tires?  Just curious how heavy of a tire I actually need.  I don't carry anything heavier than a 16 gallon spot sprayer, but do maneuver around some thorn trees when I'm spraying thistles and the factory tires just aren't HD enough to prevent from getting flats numerous times.  Any recommendations?

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Re: ATV Tires

Shaggy, check with They have some atv tires with a  liner that self seals.

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Re: ATV Tires

I put slime in all our ATV UTV tires. It is enough to handle our thorns. I know you may have something more aggressive in your part of the country.
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Re: ATV Tires

The soybean stubble is a bad deal here for all tires and the factory ATV 2ply tires really can't take it.  I have found some 6 ply with 4ply sidewalls that are holding up well.  I've gotten them in various brands through local Co-op, tire shops and eBay.  Adding goo in the tires is a good idea as well, like the other post said.  Anyway, so far so good. That's my 2 cents.

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