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Add camera to Deere 9570 auger

I bought a wireles camera from my Deere dealer last fall.  It is the Voyager model.  Finally getting ready to install on my 9570 Combine.  The monitor is simple, install in cab, plug in the 12v outlet.  I'm having trouble with the wireless camera.  I want to attach it to the unload auger, no problem there, I will either attach it with the light or use a long clamp and make a bracket to go around the tube.  My issue is, where can I get 12v switched power somewhere near the auger?  I could tie it into the light, but don't want to have to turn the lights on when I want the camera.  I can go straight to the battery but then it's on all the time.  I don't mind running a wire down along the auger to the pivot area but don't know where to go from there.  Any help is appreciated.  Pictures would be great.  Thanks.

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Re: Add camera to Deere 9570 auger

Could you run a wire from the altenator and have a toggle switch for "on/off"?

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