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Anhydrous meter

I'm putting together a new(to me) anhydrous machine.  I'm looking for a different computer meter and I am debating between a Hiniker and a Raven.  I currently have an older Hiniker and it works well, but, most people around here have switched to a Raven system because it seems to be compatible with more precision farming systems.  Any thoughts??????  Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: Anhydrous meter

If you can afford it, got with Trimble.  It is easy to setup, relatively easy to use and deadly accurate.  When I get a new set of tanks, I enter the net weight of NH3 and the system tells me when I am about to run out.  I look back and sure enough, pressures are starting to drop.  The system can read and control a number of flow meters and control valves, as well as section controls.   We use the same hardware for both spring NH3 and for Side Dress.  THe system is incredibly versatile and if you ever decide to add Autosteer, the hardware to control the system is partially there. 

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