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Re: Anyone know Chevy 350s?

I'm pretty sure I know what you are talking about. I have a '90 Silverado that has it there (mine is the newer body style), but her's doesn't (she has the old 80s body style). I was going to time it for her, but when I went to disconnect that one wire in there, it wasn't there. I don't know where it's located on the older style Chevys, if they have one.

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Re: Anyone know Chevy 350s?

I would start with the easy/cheaper stuff first. Change the battery and alternator and see if the problem is still there. My Olds for some reason goes thru alternators every 2 years or so and have not been able to determine why. The first indication it is going bad is the radio starts cutting out. At this point the bench test shows the alternator is still good but change it and everything is fine. I learned this over many years, it is a 92 model. Just learned to live with the problem since, like you said, electrical troubleshooting can get expensive quick.

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