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Anyone know anything about raincat center pivots

Looking for a used pivot to put on rented ground and have come across two raincats for reasonable price. I don't know anything about them and don't know of anyone around here who has one. I know they quit making them back in the 80's. Should I stay away from them or are they just as dependable as the other major brands. Thanks.
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Re: Anyone know anything about raincat center pivots

If the structures are sound, check the bolt pattern on the gearboxes and motors.  Chances are, you can retrofit a currently made motor or gearbox on the exixting mounting.  For the most part, that will be your only worry.  I do not know if RainCat uses a standard bolt pattern, or not.  The last thing you want to do on a hot July day, when your crops are drying out, is trying to cobble together some sort of adapter plate, to try and make it work.  The tower alignment switches, can be made to work from about any major brand, and will the sprinklers.

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