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Flatland Hillbilly
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Brent 744 vs 644

Is there any preference between the two besides a couple thousand in price.  Is either one wide enough to pull up to an old non-swing auger hopper when pulled with a tractor with duals?  Thanks

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Re: Brent 744 vs 644

It's best to have a wagon sitting at the bin site to dump into so that you can unload faster and the corn will flow out of the wagon into the hopper.


I pulled my 774 with a 4640 without duals. I got along fine. Most times my cart didn't go to the bin site with a full load. WE tried to allways empty out the combine tank on the near end of the field. So we didn't have to haul as far. However it was nice to have the extra room when you needed it. Thus on 1/2 mile rows the empty cart was pulled 1/2 way or more down the field and emptied the combine at the close end.


Combine startted the next round with an empty tank and could pick 8 rows the full half mile and part way back before it was full

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Re: Brent 744 vs 644

They are long enough that you should not have to much trouble pulling up to the auger w/ duals.

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Re: Brent 744 vs 644

Bigger is always better.  Check your drawbar weight capacity to pull the larger cart.  I pulled an 875 with a 4650 but had to have a log chain wrapped under the drawbar from the three point hitch to hold it up.  You'll get the extra cost back if you ever sell the cart.  The smaller cart will be harder to sell in  a couple years.

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