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Broken wagons

I have eight gravity box wagons and this year I managed to break three of them.  Two of them may be not worth saving.  I guess I'll be in the market for a new gravtiy wagon, something around 300-350 bushels.

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Re: Broken wagons

They used to be easy to find, and cheap, around here, until a couple years ago.  The lineups at the elevators were terrible (I think it was 2 years ago, when the harvest was late, and the corn was wet.  Had to wait for the dryers in the elevators to keep up).  Anyway, long story short a lot of farmers built a bin or two, who never had one before, and realized that if the bin was close to the field, they could just leave a gravity wagon parked by the bin, and shuttle it there with a grain cart.  Grandpa, who really couldn't drive a truck, could just stick around there, and turn the auger to the bin on and off, and harvest would go quicker.  Suddenly, a $500 gravity wagon became a $1500+ gravity wagon.  I kind of lucked out, and got a 375 bu one this fall, for $750, and all it needed was a tire.

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