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CIH 7250 Front Mounted Duals????

Is there any manufacturers of front axle mount duals for a Case IH 7250 MFWD with 16.9X28 front tires. If there is, what kind of price would I be looking at? I already have a set of 16.9X28 tires with clamp-on rims for this 7250 that I bought with the tractor but have not installed them yet.             A neighbor of mine tried to put clamp on duals (4 clamps  on each wheel) on the front of his 7240 MFWD but it started to crack the mounts on the inner rims where each clamp was held in place. It seems like his setup did not work too well. I am hesitant of installing them on my 7250.

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Re: CIH 7250 Front Mounted Duals????


Didn't see any 28'' there but I do have these on a JD 8400 MFWD. You might also want to check out their T-rail set up.

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