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Camera for better vision on loader

I have a tractor that I sometimes use a pallet fork attachment on.When I have the bucket on I can see the edges and can tell if I am level,but with the fork I can't tell if I am level and hi or low when picking things up.Has anyone ever mounted a camera on the front of a tractor or on the loader arm for better vision.If you have what brand or model did you use.The cameras in the deere catalog look a little pricey,don't have any experience with gopro

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Re: Camera for better vision on loader

Ag cam, I think, used to be good. Nice idea by the way.
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Rod !

Re: Camera for better vision on loader

Have had one for years and it works and helps a lot.  Biggest downside is that occasionally when the forks are dropped (mounted on the fork back plate) someone forgets to unplug the camera and you have to redo the plug.  It has to aimed fairly (ours ended up about 30" above the forks)  low so you can judge the forks so on ours it really had to be mounted on the forks.

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