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Carbon Fiber Pickup Bed?

Auto companies make huge profits on pickup trucks.  They need badly to keep them fuel efficient so they meet government standards.  Ford uses an aluminum bed, which GM says is inadequate.  GM is going to come out with a carbon fiber bed in a couple of years.  What do you think of that?


Light, yes.  Strong, yes.  Easy to fix?  Maybe not so much - what do you do, put an aluminum patch on it?  🙂  Or add a steel liner?  Or throw it away and buy a new one?  Does your local truck shop have any carbon fiber repairmen?  This isn't a Corvette, you know.


Well, we know many, many pickups never get a bunch of rocks dropped in them, so maybe there is a big market for carbon fiber.  I wonder what Ram will come up with?



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Re: Carbon Fiber Pickup Bed?

I made a wood box for my old Chevy. If a board gets to beat up I can always cut another one and recycle the bad one in the boiler. I made it so the sides and tailgate can fold down, like the utes I saw in NZ.

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