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Carbon Fiber Sprayer Booms

The current edition of SF has a nice article about carbon fiber sprayer booms.  They're lighter than steel, can be plenty strong, avoid corrosion, probablly use less powerful hydraulics, should cost a little less fuel.


Nice idea.  Probably won't affect my lifetime, but I bet many sprayers will have them in half a dozen years and I bet they become quite popular.


Repairing them might be a little problematic at frist, but anayone can learn to work carbon fiber so it's not a deal breaker.

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Re: Carbon Fiber Sprayer Booms

The only carbon fiber product I'm familiar with is mountain bikes. They are about five times as expensive as "steel" and three times the price of aluminum. My understanding was there was no fixing them if they were damaged. But I like the idea for spray booms. I guess it's like a lot of other options on new high dollar machinery. The extra cost would only be a small percentage of the total.
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