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Carted vs. bifold wheel rake

Our hay acreage has grown to the point that a side rake is not a good option , takes way to long. I am looking at purchasing a 10 wheel rake. Looking for opinions as to whether we should get a carted wheel rake or a bifold wheel rake.  we have a lot of rolling odd shaped fields.  thanks for any input you can provide.. Tim

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Re: Carted vs. bifold wheel rake

I have an H&S 12 wheel carted rake and get along very well with that.  It will pull two 14' swather windrows together.  It has adjustments and could possibly pull two 16' windrows.  It will turn one windrow if caught in rain by disconnecting linkage and only using 1 side.   I am like you, I used the side rake and it just took too long.  I do not know anything about the bigger bifold rakes.  Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Carted vs. bifold wheel rake

We also have an H&S rake.  A HY-CAP 14 wheel  (High Capacity).  I don't think they fold out quite as wide as the standard rake does, with the same number of wheels, but it will pull together some pretty darned heavy windrows of alfalfa, grass, or sudan hay.


The H&S has been a very good rake to us, and in over 10 years of use, we have yet to break a finger, or crack anything on the rake.  Repairs have been pretty much a popped hose, and a couple broken wheel springs.

If money is no object, and you want to get a rake designed to handle rough terrain, and last a lifetime, go with a Rowse.  They have the most 'flex' of any I know of, and their wheel bearings are repackable tapered roller bearings (Timken bearings,like a car hub), instead of sealed ball bearings.  The fingers are heavier, and the frames are downright overbuilt.  They also go 'bigger', up to 20 wheel.

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