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Mike M2692830
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CaseIH 4 wheel drives

I've been doing some research on older 4 wheel drives like the 9370 or 9380. It would be a replacement to a mx 275 front assist as the big tractor. I know it will be older but trying to put more horsepower in that spot for less money since it will sit during the off season. Any pros or cons on durability, comfort, etc. My plan would be to turn 275 into planter tractor on a 16 row and move my 7140 down to sprayer tractor then trade in a jd4630 for the 4 wheel drive. All field work would be done with 2 front assists and 1 4 wheel drive. TIA......MikeM
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Re: CaseIH 4 wheel drives

They seem like cheap power.
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