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Chaff cutter and grain grinder is necessary equipment for breeding farmers

After field investigation and summary, I found that the five most commonly used mechanical equipment in his large-scale sheep farm are: grinder, hay cutter, automatic feeder, feed mixer, pellet feed machine, and among them, the grinder and hay cutter It is necessary mechanical equipment for a large-scale sheep farm. Without these two items, there is no way to mix and match feed for the sheep.
1. Straw Crusher
The main function of the pulverizer is to pulverize coarse feed and concentrated grain feed. It is an indispensable feed processing equipment for general-scale sheep farms. This type of machine has four types: hammer type, claw type, counter-roll type, and hammer type. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Farmers can choose the most suitable machine according to their specific needs. This large-scale sheep farm uses a hammer mill, which can crush coarse feed and green fodder, as well as grain concentrates. It can be described as a multi-purpose machine, and it is also the most commonly used crusher in most large-scale sheep farms.
Second, the Chaff cutter machine
The grass cutter machine is also called the grass cutter. It is a machine used to cut crop stalks and some stalk-like long forage grass, and it is also one of the necessary machines for large-scale sheep farms. We sheep farmers know that cutting the forage grass to feed the sheep can reduce waste and increase the utilization rate of forage. Therefore, the effect of this machine on large-scale farms is self-evident. There is a big difference in the price of straw machines, which are divided into three types: large, medium, and small, and farmers can choose to purchase according to the actual demand of the sheep farm.
Three, automatic spreader
Automatic spreaders are not a novelty in large-scale sheep farms. Many large-scale sheep farms are now equipped with automatic spreading equipment, some are spreaders, and some are more advanced with automatic hopper belt transportation. The purpose is to save labor and make feeding sheep easier. This is an optional device, not a required device.
Four, feed mixer
The feed mixer is a device used to mix the concentrated feed of the sheep evenly. Large-scale sheep farms must supplement them with concentrated feed every day according to their growth and development needs. The concentrated feed of sheep needs to be used with a variety of nutrients, and a variety of nutrients must be evenly matched in proportion. Feed mixer is the best choice. Of course, this process can also be done manually, but it takes time and effort, depending on how the sheep farm owner chooses.
Five, pellet feed machine
A Pellet feed machine is a machine used to make pellet feed. Generally, it produces full-price pellet feed with rich nutrition, good palatability, and convenient storage. I have mentioned the benefits of feeding sheep with full-price pellets many times in previous articles. Although things are very good, the cost of pellet feed is high. Large-scale sheep farms may be cost-effective, but they are not for our rural farmers' practical. It should be noted that it is also possible for the sheep farm to not feed the sheep with full-price pellets, instead of using a bulk mixture, it can still raise fat and strong sheep.


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