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In regard to your article about setting a combine.  I find it interesting how complicated you make setting a machine sound. It should be easy and if not, maybe we are designing machines in a poor way. I have a 1993 9600 that will clean wheat, corn, beans to seed quality. I also have a 2004 9760 that could not clean grain to save its life. If there was a combine manufacturer that got rid of as much electrical nonsense as possible and built a better quality machine (i.e.bigger bearings, thicker sheet metal, better shaker pan, etc.) that manufacturer would dominate the market. We need less of this wonderful "technology" and better design. Most of the farmers I talk to feel the same. So, if there is a manufacturer out there, you have your opportunity. Trust me.  We farmers are hoping for a machine that is practical, realistic, dependable, well built, and non electronic.

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