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Re: Cultipacker options

McFarlane makes a unit with 3 rows of spike teeth followed by a double rolling basket.  It looks about as good as anything I have seen other than a cultipacker. I may just go that direction.  Several dollars, but it would go behind either my disc or FC as both are the same size.  I currently sdo have a spike harrow on the FC and it does well, just not well enough.  I do have a neighbor that uses a cultipacker and seems to get along well with it.  I have also been reading about fellows using rollers on their soybean fields to make for a better harvesting situation.


Thanks to all for excellent posts.

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Re: Cultipacker options

OMNI Manufacturing sells many different sizes of cultipackers. The design is bery simple, but they are incredibly strong. The wheels are made of ductile iron which has 300% more tensile strengh than regular grey iron. If you're looking for a good quality, affordable cultipacker- This is the place to get it.




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