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DB 60 47 row 15-30 inch planter

Has any one had issues with the frame not locking in field working position? Wing folding cylinder chrome rod bent,  left wing when it's folded in for transport it contacts tongue hard enough it has cut a notch in wing torque arm on left wing. Bought new dealer and John Deere  company rep has adjusted a lot on it with no results. I bought it new and now it is out of warranty with all of the delay tactics. JD seems to not want to support this product. Can any one help with info or a good contact in John Deere Co. Thanks for any info. This is my second DB 60 no issues with first. I wonder if the just want to drag it out so I trade it on CASE IH planter. 





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Re: DB 60 47 row 15-30 inch planter

Any time you trade green paint for red is a step in the right direction. HA HA
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Re: DB 60 47 row 15-30 inch planter

Need good Hydraulic for IH.

If it happened in the warranty period, and was not fixed during that time, they should fix it. Im not sure what to do. Are we talking 100s or 1000s to fix?

Your laws may be different. In my country they are printed on the purchase contract.
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