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DMI tiger mate II

/When was the last blue tigermate II made or are they still current?  also would a tigermate II be better than the JD 980 field cultivator for trash ? I have the JD 960 and it doesnt handle trash very well. have decided to prob. go to the tigermate II because i like the shank setup compared to the 980. , plus i have found a good one.  the  980 have the same bushing problem as the 960 did and most are wore out, the dmi or caseih seem to have that problem taken care of with the shank bolted to the main frame. what does anyone think that have these cult. thanks for info ,  

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Re: DMI tiger mate II

Very good cultivator and better than the JD 960 and 980.   However I've read several users that believe the newer JD 2210 is superior.

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Re: DMI tiger mate II

for what its worth my friend has a newer JD , not sure what model , but has bad problem with not pulling strait.

I have an older Tigermate and have been very happy with it. good luck

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