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Delivery by drone

With Amazon's announcement that they're exploring the use of drones to deliver packages in the not so distant future, I'm wondering what your thoughts are if we apply this service to ag parts/supplies? Do you think this could be a viable alternative for agriculture when it comes to parts/supplies delivery. . . Or are there too many obstacles (i.e. logistics, safety, etc.)?


A Chinese delivery company, SF Express, is already experimenting with octocopter delivery.


In the year 2020, will your tractor part be delivered by a drone in less than 30 minutes?


Laurie Bedord

Advanced Technology Editor


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tree fmr

Re: Delivery by drone

If the drone is delivering, it just as well install it and take the turn in part back!
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Jim Meade / Iowa City
Senior Advisor

Re: Delivery by drone

If it is legal and economical, it may be used.  Consider that many parts will be too heavy, bulky or perhaps delicate to be transported by UAS.  Operations will be affected by weather, visibility, nearness to certain facilities and so forth.  There has to be a safe way for the package to be delivered without cutting off the customer's head (as was done by a UAS helicopter in New York).


I can see it now....every farm has a GPS surveyed helipad for deliveries.

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