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Re: Do You Know Anyone Who Lost A Limb In A PTO?

Pop broke both legs in jan 2010 in a pto. Farmall M tractor with a little self unloading grain cart behind it. As he stepped off, the bottom corner of his bibs at the leg zipper got caught in the thumb release button of shaft. Tractor was idling so it was a steady pull on him. By the time I got out of the other tractor grinding creep feed with and pushed the clutch pedal of M with my hand, he was down to threads and on the ground.
It took off his carhart bibs, blue jeans and long handles. Was still wearing his belt and boots. He can't spend a lot of time on hoof now, but he's lucky. He has a pretty good sense of humor too and kept momma busy while he was stuck in the house. Who knew Percocet, jack Daniels, and an electric wheel chair could be so much fun!!!
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