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Does anyone know the best way to sell a pto off a 9030 series john deere tractor?

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mike se il

Advertise it ?

Well !-!-!-!-!-!  I had a full page response and my computer hiccuped and I lost it.  Let me try again

I would suggest first trying the free online farm classifieds. There may be more, but I am only familiar with three  (and I have used all three successfully).  Two sponsored by this web site and one (I hope they don't mind me mentioning it) on another web site.  All will require registering, but you have that covered with two of them already.


First, think about what might be asked and decide how to anwer it.  For instance, why do you have this for sale?  Shouldn't it be in a tractor someplace?  You may want to answer that in the ad, or just be ready for it to be asked.


Second, write out your ad.  It can be done in a notepad or word processor and copied and pasted, or you can write it "live".  Since these are free, don't skimp on words.  While "JD 9030 PTO 123/456-7890" might be successful, why not use a few more words and make it more appealing:


"1000 RPM 1 3/4" PTO from JD 9030 Power Shift tractor.  Includes all gears, shafts, etc.  Needed 540 so replaced. $12,500 SE Illinois Phone 123/456-7890 email"


See the difference? PLEASE PLEASE include a price. And location. By inlcluding a location you have already sorted out the folks who don't want to travel to SE IL to pick it up.  You've told them why you are selling it, which might build confidence in the buyer. You might even want to go farther:


"1000 RPM 1 3/4" PTO from JD 9030 Power Shift tractor.

Includes all gears, shafts, etc.  Needed 540 RPM so replaced this one. $12,500 SE Illinois CASH ONLY, no checks.  WILL NOT ship, but have forklift to put pallet in your truck. Phone 123/456-7890 email"


Have digital photos of every possible angle ready to respond. And PLEASE check you email at least daily if not more often when listing things.


I mentioned 3 free places:'s classifieds

Machinery Marketplace

and the  AgTalk+ classifieds


A couple that are good but will cost a little are Farm World Magazine's online classifieds

and Tractorhouse, but I'm not sure how they classify components


There are undoubtably others that are very good, these are just the ones I am familiar with.


There are print classifieds as well, but I'd try online first.


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Re: Advertise it ?

Mike:  Excellent reply with all the links



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