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Senior Advisor

Drill Fill Auger

Other than Westfield, does anyone else offer a truck mounted drill fill auger that is worth discussing?  It doesn't make a difference if it's 12V or Hyd.


I just bought a no-till drill and it is to tall for my older side mounted drill fill augers. It'll be mounted on a late 60's model Chevy C60, hopefully the pump will handle a hydraulic auger if that's what it needs to be.

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Re: Drill Fill Auger

I don't know any other companies but by all means go with hydraulic. It'll out perform a 12volt auger hands down
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Re: Drill Fill Auger

Not far from you mate but have a look at Peak Hill Industries on the net. They are petrol driven. Truck mounted groupers are very common here and none are electrically driven.
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