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FX-45 ate cutter blades

Trying to get corn chopping done and the FX-45 is spending more time in the shop than out if the corn field. After 2nd down day and 10 hours of repairing and welding, finally back into the field Sat.  & 6 hours chopping and blades let go and went thru the machine and into the load of silage in the truck. Back into the shop, dumped the load with metal fragments and RENTED another chopper ,Claas 880 with over 10,000 hours. Did not take son long to figure out how to operate it. Custom operators were busy to mid to end of week  -- need to get this chopping done -  every day the corn gets past optimum quality.  Will overnite needed parts from Kooima, Mon AM  and back to repairing.  Renting by the cutter head hour is expensive and Claas  needs to be back to dealer by Sat, for fall auction.


It will be expensive corn silage for the dairy herd this year. Son is still out packing bunk, rest of crew has called it a day.

He chopped all day, now is shaping the bunk and getting it ready for Mon. tractor operator ( Dad)  then go home and get his parts order ready for Mon. AM. When parts get here Tues. He and his brother will repair when chopping is done for the day / night. It will be a long day Tues.


Sometimes I think farmers in remote areas that have chopper fires are LUCKY! HHHMMMMMMM?????


Everybody have a good week.



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Re: FX-45 ate cutter blades

Been there before!  This fall we had a major break down to. than just small piddly stuff.  Should be done by weeks end here. Know exactly what your are going thru.


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Re: FX-45 ate cutter blades

That's why we got rid of our fx45 back in 05. Traded it for a new class 870 and haven't looked back.....good luck with your harvest
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Re: FX-45 ate cutter blades

Is this a common problem with the Fx45? I slid my blades on up this past spring before chopping alfalfa and everything was tight. No troubles or vibrations on into the fall. But, Do I need to pull the front down again and retorque the bolts?
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