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Fermentation fertilizer windrow turner

The windrow turner is suitable for the turnover of various types of materials: viscous materials (livestock manure, biological sludge), loose materials (industrial organic waste, urban biological waste, etc.), winding materials (long straw, wheat straw, etc. for mushroom straw fertilizer fermentation). According to the principle design of aerobic fermentation, the fermentation bacteria have the space to give full play to its function. Its mechanical equipment has the obvious advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, fast fertilizer production and large output, saving civil engineering and a large number of human and material resources.

Characteristics of windrow turner

  1. The advanced fermentation technology (microbial aerobic fermentation) is adopted, and the windrow turnerproduced by our factory is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have the space to give full play to their functions. If bucket type machinery and tank type fermentation are used, anaerobic state will be formed in the fertilizer pile, which will not give full play to the function of fermentation bacteria, and also affect the quality of fertilizer and its production cycle.
  2. It is more suitable for the action mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation manure composting, and can effectively mix the viscous manure with microbial agents and straw powder. It creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. Chicken manure in this loose material state, 3-5 hours deodorization, one day heating, fermentation temperature control in 60-70 degrees for 3-4 days. 5-7 days of fertilization, the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil is not less than 30 billion / g. Not only faster than deep tank fermentation, but also effectively prevent the production of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and other harmful and odor gases in the organic fertilizerprocessprocess, which not only meets the environmental requirements, but also can produce good organic fertilizer.
  3. In order to adjust the carbon nitrogen ratio, pH value and water content of raw materials, some auxiliary materials should be added. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials roughly piled together according to the proportion can be mixed evenly by the stacker to achieve the purpose of tempering.
  4. The overall structure of the machine is reasonable, the organic fertilizer machine is rigid, balanced, concise, solid, safe and reliable in performance, easy to operate, and has strong usability in the yard. Except for the rough frame, all parts are standard parts, easy to use and maintain.

Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. has been established for 20 years. It has experienced many ups and downs, rich production experience and continuous innovation spirit. Our main production of organic fertilizer machines are: granulator, crusher, mixer, fermentation machine, etc., while the sale of 1-200000 organic fertilizer production line, npk fertilizer production line, biofertilizer project production line, BB fertilizer complete equipment. We provide customers with a series of after-sales services, such as plant design, equipment debugging and installation. We are looking forward to cooperating with you!

Zhengzhou Tianci organic fertilizer machine has a superb technical team, first-class partners at home and abroad, scientific and standardized customer training system; has a positive and healthy corporate culture, constantly innovative management system and business model; has a very complete distribution network, affecting good industry reputation.

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