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First major shop project

Got the new shop up this summer this fall after wheat planting we ran lights and other wiring along with air lines and a garden hose hookup by the main door. We contracted out the plumbing and floor heat. Still have some tools, benches, and parts storage,etc to finish up. First major repair project is to replace gudgeon bearings and driveline u joints on a JD8760. Had the tractor completely apart and mostly put back together now. No way I would have even thought of doing this without the shop and a very experienced farmhand/ mechanic who joined us two years ago. Really not a bad way to spend a couple days with high temps below freezing. Btw how can I post pics from an I phone?
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Re: First major shop project

Good luck with the pictures from the IPhone Clayton. I've been asking that very question for quite some time now.
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