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Foam marker on sprayer not working.

Several years ago I purchased an older Top Air sprayer, 500 gallon and 45' booms. It has a Mark Master 2000 foam marker system which hasn't worked since I bought the sprayer. I replaced the big electric motor two years ago and that still didn't get it working. There are solenoids and air valves but I had no idea what I was doing so I gave up.


Does anyone in Iowa work on these foam markers ? 


An owners manual might be helpful too.  Thanks.



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Re: Foam marker on sprayer not working.

Richway Industries makes a Trac Master 2000, but I didn't see anything online about a Mark Master 2000. There are Top Air dealers around who should be able to help you. For the price of fixing a foamer I chose to go to a light bar system. If you really want to fix it, I'd think any sprayer mechanic could work on it - the foamers all use the same principal.
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Re: Foam marker on sprayer not working.

Give us a call- I work for Richway Ind. and we would be more than happy to help trouble shoot your marker. We are located in Janesville, Ia just about 10 mins north of Cedar Falls / W-loo area. Our factory number is 800-553-2404
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