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Ford 515 Drive Housing Disassembly

I have a ford 515 Drive Housing that is over heating. I believe we have a bearing problem. I am in disassembly mode. I am a little unsure as to what to remove first. I have removed the flywheel and have the assembly on a bench. I have removed the cap assembly as well. I want to know if I remove the carrier bearing next or do I pop off the lower seal or what? If so what is the best way to remove of this item? I have tried a gear puller but can't get purchase on the carrier bearing. Also if you know the general steps that would be appreciated. Assume for the purposes of this discussion I have some mechanical aptitude. I have rebuilt car engines and done lots of mechanic work. I am looking for advice from someone that has done this and knows the ins and outs and or tricks. Please refer to this for a diagram if you need one.

thanks for any help in advance.

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