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Ford High Oil Pressure Problem TW25

I have got a Ford TW25 tractor with a very high engine oil pressure problem, that blows the seal near the oil filter and can dump the engine oil in seconds, and before the oil pump was replaced could stall the engine at idle.


The dealer diagnosed a stuck relief valve (on the pump inside the engine) and the pump/valve was replaced.


The problem has happened again but not so bad, (i am thinking that the relief valve wasn t the main problem) and providing i allow the engine to warm up thoroughly it seems to behave itself, but during warm up i cannot let the engine run above 1300 rpm without full oil pressure showing on the gauge (which is supposed to be 70-80 psi or more) and the seal blowing.


The oil and filters have been changed and it has made little difference.


Any help would be gratefully received.



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