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Front mount cultivator

Hey guys think a guy could mount a front mount cultivator on these new "little tractors" like the farmalls from IH or the 5000 series from JD?   Rear mount cultivators work good on straight rows, but on hills and contour rows, it gets a little tough sometimes.    Just thinking all of my "inherited" cultivators fit the ol M's and Super Ms, and the 656, and I have one for the 706 as well, but anyway all those tractors are getting in the antique or more in the year category.   

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Re: Front mount cultivator

I would think it would be quite an endeavor, if your old front mount cultivators were anything like the one I used in the past.   It required three anchor points, one to the frame just above the front axle, another to the frame rails at the back of the cultivator frame, and a third anchor point on the casting the radiator mounts in.  The two mounting points on the frame might not be that hard to modify, but with today's fiberglass hoods, I can't see where you would get that upper mounting point to attatch, without building an entire subframe around the hood, or with major modifications to the cultivator.  It might be almost as cheap to buy a 656 that runs, than to pay a welding shop to make all those modifications.

Now if you are good with a welder, and have some free time, that's another story.

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