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Great Plains Solid Stand 15



I'm looking for a good used drill to notill soybeans into corn stubble and also notill rye into corn following harvest in fall.   I found an older GP SS 15  with 7.5" spacing, 3 pt.   no caddy, no coulters.


Question 1   will this drill do the above tasks?


Question 2   Will a JD 4440 be a big enough tractor to handle the weight?  Anyone know what the approx wt of this drill?


Question 3  How big a job would it be to add an alfalfa seeding attachment?  



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Re: Great Plains Solid Stand 15

Have used Great Plains for years, 4440 is more than enough tractor, you have got to have notill coulters to do what you are wanting to do, if not you will not have a stand, pretty pricy to put a small seed box on ,i just checked on it and instead i bought a 12 ft. used drill with caddy and small seed box on it. 

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