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Harvesting lodged corn

Have any tips for harvesting down corn? I've heard spraying Armor All or Pam cooking spray helps, although it sounds like an old wive's tale. Have any of you tried it? Any other out-of-the-box tricks?



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Re: Harvesting lodged corn

There is a thread on this topic in Crop Talk.  I won't repeat it as everyone can see it there.


As far as machinery setting is concerned, here are a few I've heard.  I'm not the one to say if they are all right or not.


Don't flatten the header too much, as it changes the angle the of the unit and the material doesn't feed through as intended.  It is more likely to plug.


Set the gathering chains so the prongs are evenly spaced rather than running right across from each other.  It lets materila feed evenly rather than come thorugh in gulps.


Set the stripper plates and adjust them for each variety.


I've used slip-plate and other graphite materials to get the seasons started if there are any rusty spots on the head, but after they are polished I've not added sprays or any things.


Adjust the rollers.


I guess the bottom line is set the equipment up right.  I don't have any personal experience with down corn reels and the side augers.  I have run one-way in some corn, run slowly, and fiddled with the head height, but that is all operator technique, not machinery setting..


The ISU AG Engineers could probably offer some tips.

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