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Hesston 1340 PTO CV Shaft Video

> I bought a 1340 Hesston Disc mower conditioner from a dealer Monday > morning. He advised the machine was ready to go to work, they had > checked it out, it was only rough looking. I checked the rotors, and > they were tight, the driveline looked good, it did not have the front > half of the PTO shaft, but dealer advised he had the CV joint half and > it was good. I paid his asking price of $4250 and requested a set of > blades and that he deliver it ( about 30 miles to my place). I found that my TS110 New Holland did not have the 1000 RPM stub shaft > required for the Hesston, so I spent the rest of the day fixing a flat > on my 1976 model 2-105 White tractor . I have had problems with the 3pt lift cylinders leaking on the White, so I spent most of the next > day getting the lift cylinders plugged off and removing the lift arms. Lift arms are a major cause of bent PT O shafts. I also had to > remove the dual wheels that had been on the tractor for the last 15 > years. The flat was on the left inside dual, the tube had separated >from the valve stem, and still had liquid in the tire. A real mess... > I ended up bolting on the dual wheel in place of the original. Finally got the swather hooked up and greased and ready to go about 6pm > yesterday. The drive shaft vibrated so much you could not stay in the > cab and I never got it over 400 RPM. I removed the drawbar extension > this morning and tried it again and this time I sped it up to about 500 to >600 RPM The strobe effect of the video camera really showed what the > shaft was doing. > > The link to the video is here: > > > The dealer wants me to pay his cost of $1200 for a new shaft. I > really do not think I should have to pay the cost of the shaft when I > was told it was ready to go and I paid his asking price, paid by good > check, and did not attempt to get it at a lower price. What is the standard of service here?
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Re: Hesston 1340 PTO CV Shaft Video

Looks to me like your whole shaft is bent.  I would see what the dealer would do. Definantly sounds a little shaddy to me but this is one of those "buyer be ware" moments.


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Re: Hesston 1340 PTO CV Shaft Video

other then you did some work on it now, there are many parts yards to purchase used assembly's at a much more reasonable price. Unless you have a good machine shop that makes drive shafts new, still more reasonable then what the dealer price is. Best option is tell him you want to send it back and get your money. You will find out in a quick hurry if this dealer is repudable and more willing to work with you. As all was used or not get it writing to provide both parties with there expectaions, he gets yours with the check.
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Re: Hesston 1340 PTO CV Shaft Video

I think the CV is bad and they are terribly expensive on those machines. If the dealer said it was ready to go, he should stand behind it. Whether that is taking it back and refunding the money or fixing it or some other solution that is agreeable doesn't matter. If they ever want to sell another piece of equipment in your neighborhood (which is the US and beyond with You-tube) he better be honest.

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