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Hydraulic problem on a floater

Have a floater that was originally a tyler system that was replaced with a converted best way system.

Had an electric problem with a bad connection, and the solenoid wasn't getting juice.

Replaced the solenoid as it was bad.  But now the hydraulics aren't working correctly, even though you can seem appear to pressure up.  Seems like they aren't getting enough pressure.  One side was able swing out, but couldn't swing back.  Other side not swinging out but maybe 6 inches.  Have to kill the pump for either side to lower. 

Center won't raise.  But will lower (can't remember if I had to turn off the pump or not)

Any suggestions?   Didn't see a positive or negative indicator on the solenoid and both wires it came with were red, is it possible that I need to reverse the wires?

Seems like it powers up, but isn't getting enough pressure in the system like a valve isn't opening that should open, but then has to much pressure in the system when I try to lower the booms back on the brackets that store them.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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Re: Hydraulic problem on a floater

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