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I bought one! Tow tender.

In a previous post about seed tenders I posted about a seed tender by cal manufacturing called the tow tender.  Being only about an hour from the shop I went to see them over the weekend.  These guys have a nice tender for sure and are just like you and I, farmers.  They have some really cool options like the lighting kit they told me about for the tender (which I didn't get since I don't use gps and plant in the dark) but I went ahead and ordered one!  They said they are taking orders and will have mine for the planting season or before.  So excitied thinking I won't have to throw bags anymore and with this I won't even have to move the truck either!  Hope the planting season arrives soon.  If you guys are interested you it's  It seems like their website is kind of hard to find and I ended up typing the address in instead of doing a search.  Told them about it when I meant them and they said they are aware of this and will be correcting it in the future.

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