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Re: I find old-fashioned McCormick Farmall tractors charming, but...

I know this is an older thread... but we have:


'M' - wide front end, we added a hi-pressure external hyd pump for hyd to raise our grain augers.  We use it as our primary tractor for PTO operation of our large grain augers.  Very reliable tractor.  Will run even on the worst of days.


200 - wide front end, with front end loader and hyd bucket, use as our general smaller utility tractor, runs bar mower, forklift forks for moving pallets, scraper blade (it has hyd up AND down) etc..


350, orchard style tractor - wide front, live PTO which is the tractor of choice for running our brush mower (5tf wide), has hyd but they are pretty low pressure, but it does have power steering (not power steering by 'ARM Strong').. 😉


'H' - that has the wide front end, PTO, we got this from a landlord, and use it as a fill in tractor for running our small grain augers, as it does not quite have enough lugging power to run the big auger


'A' - we cleaned this one up years ago, and it was used in some small town parades and such... it has a wide front end.


None of these tractors have ROPS, they all could tip over if you are doing stupid things, but I grew up around them and learned how to operate them correctly.


Just a little info from our farm.