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IH 1440 hydraulics slow

The hydraulics for the steering, header lift  and unloading auger are painfully slow. The dealer sent out a mechanic when I first goy the machine 3 years ago. He checked the flow rate and it was ok.  Any suggestions appreciated.

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Re: IH 1440 hydraulics slow

I think all hydraluics are run off to the Hydro, have the pressures checked again.

A loot can happen in 3 years.

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Re: IH 1440 hydraulics slow

The oil pump for the steering, auger, & header lift is on the left hand side of the machine, in front of the hydro pump.  It is belt driven, and if the belt gets oil on it, or too loose, or very glazed, it can slip & cut down your pressure/flow.  Since the pump only pumps oil at pressure when it is 'needed' you'll never notice the slipping when walking around the machine idling.

If you have the 'old style' 1440, with the little lever next to the hydro lever to raise & lower the header, there is a prioirty valve & relief valve under the little platform on the left side next to the cab.  Either of these sticking could cause problems, as well.

If you have the 'new style' 1440 with the header lift control as a little thumb switch on the hydro lever itself, I believe all you would have would be a relief valve, and solenoid switched valves instead of the priority valve & mechanical spool.  Again, if the relief valve is sticking you will have slow hydraulics.

Lastly, and certainly not least, when did you last change the hydraulic filter?  You have to remove the 6 nuts on top of the hydraulic oil reservoir, and reach down into the oil to find it.  There is a threaded cap that unscrews & the filter lifts straight up & out (the top of which may be under 4 to 6 inches of oil).  It uses the same hydraulic filter as the 66/86 series of IH tractors.  You would be surprised of how many people I know who own or owned one of these machines that never even knew there was a filter in there.  If I remember right, the oil going through the hydro is only 'screened' and the oil going through the auxiliry pump gets 'filtered' (probably because the filter would never flow the amount of oil going through the hydro).

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