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IH 1440 hydraulics

The hydraulics ( steering, header lift, unloading auger, reel lift) are really slow on my machine. After the oil has heated up and thinned, even slower. As suggested , I have checked the reservoir screen. I talked to a Case parts guy the other day and he said their 1440 did the same thing . He said they switched pumps and that was it.  Any input  appreciated.

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Re: IH 1440 hydraulics

Thats more than likely it. Especially if you have 4000 hrs or more on it.

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Re: IH 1440 hydraulics

Is that what they call the auxilary hydraulic pump that runs off the of the PTO gear box?  I woudl assume that would solve the problem.   I'm not for sure how that pumps works, but in my mind if the oil gets warm and thin it probably isn't pumping good.  

Mine is slow to I think so if that works let me know.   I put a new Hydro pump and motor on it this fall.  Really can't tell much difference from the old one, but It was a sunstrain and the one i put on was a Eaton.  



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