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IHC 856 shifting slop

Is this an easy and inexpensive fix? I have to reach in on top of the transmission case and use a prybar to get it to go into R and H.


Heard there are some bushings that need replacing. Wondering if this is something a shadetree mechanic can do.

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Re: IHC 856 shifting slop

If you're capable of taking the platform should be able to figure out how to get the top of the housing off that controls those gears. I believe all the bushings that need replaced should be in the one housing lid. Getting the lid off shouldn't be hard, the forks go right down on the shafts....but you might find a local mechanic that would give you some help getting the bushings right. I'm pretty sure an InterTech repair manual would detail everything out for you. I'm just too lazy to go get mine and type it all out...LOL



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Re: IHC 856 shifting slop

Our 766 had the same problem, and it was in the linkages up on top at the lever.  Before you tear the cover off, have someone wiggle the lever, while you eyeball the linkage at the top of the tranny housing.  If the looseness is between the hand lever, and the arm at the tranny housing, about $150 in parts, and an afternoon's work, will get it all like new again.  My dad commented he can't remember far back enough to where it shifted so crisply.

If you have a choice, get the kit that has the grease zerk on the linkage.  If you remember to grease it every once in a while, it stays tight a long time.

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