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IT specialist looking for ideas: Farm automation!!

I'm a senior IT specialist looking into some R&D, particularly around automation within the South African context, but around general principles as well. I generally work with cloud technologies, Internet of Things, A.I, robotics, data and business intelligence, and automation via software development. With that in mind, it all starts with a needs analysis, and I could really use some directions from the industry veterans.

Here's the ask: What are the biggest challenges to farming as a busineshowboxss? If you could dream up any technology to make your life easier and business run smoother, what would that be? Reducing cost and/or risk, having real-time data on soil samples/chemical compositions / temperature and moisture distribution / security and livestock tracking, and pest monitoring and control are all things I'usps trackingve been looking into, but any widely encountered challenges faced in the industry would be very useful.

And, preemptively, thank you for the assist

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