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Inching pedal travel 1370 Case

Got a problem with clutch pedal travel on the old 1370 I keep around for a spare horse.  After I got it back from the dealer's shop you have to stomp it to the firewall to be able to shift it; on the other end it hardly engages to take off when fully released.  Its like a bell crank is on backwards (if the arms are different lengths)  It takes a full range of motion and then some.  Would it be an adjustment in the valve body on the right side of the trans?  Any thoughts?

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Re: Inching pedal travel 1370 Case

I would take it back to who "supposedly" repaired it and say FIX IT

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Re: Inching pedal travel 1370 Case

Sounds to me like it has to much f r e e travel. Check it according to your manual.

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